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  • Windows Vista
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  • Windows Vista
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Switcher 17/04/07 Free English
  • Windows Vista

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Recent changes

  • New: Windows now have a label, background color, and border
  • New: The first 9 windows can be activated by pressing the respective number on the keyboard
  • New: Filters can be applied to narrow down the windows that appear
  • New: You can now close windows during a session
  • New: Added Grid View, which arranges windows in a grid
  • New: Mouse shortcuts can now be restricted to a certain monitor instead of applying to all monitors
  • New: Added the "Begin and Select Next" command that begins a session and selects the next window
  • Change: Animations may appear smoother due to using a different method of smoothing stuff
  • Change: The default shortcut for minimizing all windows except the selected one changed from middle-clicking anywhere to right-clicking on a window
  • Change: Reorganized settings into tabs


Aero must be enabled for Switcher to work.

  • Easy to install and use
  • Good configuration options
  • Customize windows and hotkeys
  • Labels are unnecessary and ugly

Windows Vista features a nice 3D animation system (Aero) which enables you to switch between applications by choosing its three-dimensional snapshot. Now, this comes in very handy because you can actually see what's going on in every application in real time. But it can be improved with this little tool.

Switcher allows you to use the 3D Aero switching between apps in a different way. It works just like the MacOS Exposé, displaying snapshots of all your open windows, both active and minimized, and enabling you to choose in a more comfortable way.

Switcher runs in the background and can be triggered at any moment with a customized hotkey combination. Also, you can choose between tiled or docked snapshots.

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