Switcher 1.6

Free task management system for Communicator phones

If you have aquired a Nokia® Communicator 9210 (EPOC R6), a Series 60-device or a Sony Ericsson® P800 recently and have been working with Psion® Devices up to now (EPOC R5), you will have noticed that task management is different in two respects:

  • Some applications (the standard applications) may not be closed anymore
  • There is no "Open Programs" task switcher anymore. So there is no possibility to switch to applications, which have no graphical interface

Since these devices tend to have very limited memory, the fact that you can't close some applications is annoying.

If you are a developer, moreover you probably want to use utility programs, which do not have a graphical frontend. But once started, you will not find them anymore. Starting them anew will just start a new copy, which is not what you want, especially with unique resources like serial interfaces.

Task-Switcher will let you:

  • List your running applications
  • Tell you how big they are in terms of memory usage
  • Close applications
  • Switch to an application even if it is not a graphical one

In short: You regain the "Open Programs" utility, which you originally lost in Symbian OS (formerly EPOC) 6.

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Switcher 1.6